The Singapore Frequent Traveller Program offers fast track immigration


Generally speaking, arriving into Singapore’s Changi Airport an efficient experience. It generally takes no more than 10 minutes of so to make it through the immigration lines. Sometimes though, we seem to arrive at times that see quite lengthy queues – and the waiting time can be come quite a bit longer.

This is where the Singapore Frequent Traveller program could come in handy. The Singapore Frequent Traveller program allows holders of Australian passports the use of the electronic gates when entering Singapore. This means that you don’t have to line up for an immigration officer to process your entry into Singapore. You can simply go to an eGate, and be electronically admitted.

This is generally a much quicker process. Even when there are queues for the eGates, they tend to clear faster.

What’s more, the requirements to be a Frequent Traveller aren’t that onerous. You can register as long as you have made two entries into Singapore in the previous 24 months.

Singapore Frequent Traveller Program

Registration into the program is open to passengers that hold passports from Australia,  Malaysia, Thailand, People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, United States of America. There are a few variations on eligibility requirements, but for Australians they are:

  • Your passport is valid for more than six months
  • You have visited Singapore at least two times in the previous 24 months
  • You are aged six and above.


If you are eligible to apply, you can simply fill in an application form, and head to an eIACS enrolment centre. If you don’t get a chance to fill in the form beforehand, that are available in the registration office. Of course, filling the form in beforehand could save you a bit of time.

There is one office at Changi Airport, but it is located airside in Terminal 3. This can be a bit of a trek if you have arrived into Terminal 1. Alternatively, you can enrol at the centres at the ICA Building (by appointment only), Woodlands Checkpoint, or Tuas Checkpoint.

The process takes about 10 minutes to complete.


If your application is successful, you will be able to use the program for up to 5 years. But, you will only get this if your passport is valid for that long. If your passport is set to expire in that time, they will enrol until 6 months prior to your passport expiry.

So, basically, you will get 5 years, or 6 months less than you current passport validity.

One Final Stamp

If you are successful, they will stamp you passport, and enter the expiration date in the program. This stamp pretty much takes up a whole page of your passport, so make sure you have a page free.

It is, however, the last stamp you will get on your passport. When you use the eGates, Singapore will no longer stamp your passport.

You can find further information of the program here

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