Velocity offers double status credits


Velocity Frequent Flyer has kicked off a new Double Status Credits offer. The new promotion runs for 9 days, allowing you to book between 2 August and 10 August 2021 (inclusive). You can travel anytime up to 28 June 2022.

Velocity Double Status Credits Key Details

In order to get the double status credits, you will need to keep in mind the following key details

  • Registration: You must register for this offer prior to making your bookings
  • Booking Period: You must book a new flight between 2 August and 10 August 2021
  • Travel Period: Your travel on the eligible flights must occur by 28 June 2022.
  • Eligible Flights;
    • Virgin Australia marketed and operated flights: You can fly any Virgin Australia marketed and operated flight. That means you must have a VA flight number, and be on a Virgin Australia aircraft.
    • Fares: You can earn double status credits on all eligible flights, except when you fly on a Getway fare

Once you have completed your travel, Velocity says that it can take up to 4 weeks to get your double status credits. In my experience of previous promotions, they tend to post at the same time as the flight – a few days after travel.

Status On Virgin Australia

Status Credits are the primary measure that is used by Velocity to determine your status. There is a secondary need to fly a certain number of sectors, but we will focus on status credits here.

In essence, to rise through the levels you need to earn

  • 250 status credits to reach the silver tier (200 to renew it in subsequent years),
  • 500 to reach gold (400 to renew) and
  • 1,000 to reach platinum (800 to renew)

Of course, with a double status credits offer, this can be done with half the flying that you normally need to do.

If you have been chasing status, a double status credits offer is a great way to get some status credits under your belt.


This promotion comes at an interesting time, with much of the east coast either locked down or facing other restrictions. Of course, if you set your sights on times beyond lockdown, this promotion can offer a way of boosting status. There is the risk, of course, that you may not get to fly the flight you booked….

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