Air New Zealand launches ‘Frequent Flyer Status Boost’


Air New Zealand is launching a new Frequent Flyer Status Boost feature. Kicking off from 1 August 2019, it will offer bonus status credits to elite members that travel frequently on Air New Zealand.

Frequent Flyer Status Boost

The Frequent Flyer Status Boost feature applies to you if you are an Airpoints Gold or Airpoints Elite member. Every time you complete 10 Status Boost Journeys within a Tier Status year, you will earn:

  • 15 bonus Status Points if you are an Airpoints Gold members
  • 30 bonus Status Points if you are an Airpoints Elite members

So, what is a Status Boost journey?

Basically, it is any flight on an Air New Zealand flight number that earns status credits. This includes flights on Air New Zealand aircraft and flights on partners that are booked on the Air New Zealand code.

The status points obtained this way will count toward your elite status. In this regard, they count pretty much like any other status point.

The program does not limit the number of status points that you can earn this way. So, if you fly a lot of short flights, you could be in for quite a boost.

Each year, on your status review date your Status Boost Journey counter will be reset to zero. This means that you won’t be able to carry any completed journeys over to the next year.

The other time it resets to zero, is if you upgrade from Gold to Elite. In this case, however, Air New Zealand says you will receive a partial Frequent Flyer Status Boost.


In a way, it seems to draw inspiration from the Qantas loyalty bonus. While the calculations and limits are different, they can both award you a status boost. The Qantas feature is probably broader, but Air New Zealand wins out on simplicity.

You can find more information on the Air New Zealand website.

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