Cathay Pacific increases baggage allowance


Cathay Pacific has announced an increase in checked baggage allowance for travellers in all classes on their flights. As of September 15, 2016, they will be increasing the baggage allowance by 10 kg. Tickets purchased from that date will be eligible for the increased allowance.

The changes to the check-in luggage allowance appiles to services on both Cathay Pacific and Dragonair. The new allowances apply to all routes, ecept those to North America and Auckland. These have their own separate allowances.

While the weight limit is being increased, Cathay Pacific is introducing a piece limit as well.This limit is 2 pieces in all cabins, except in first class, where there will be a limit of 3 pieces.

Marco Polo and oneWorld additional Allowance

Elite members of the Marco Polo club, as well as Sapphire and Emerald oneWorld members will retain their increased baggage allowance. The increased allowance varies by your status tier, and is as follows:

  • Marco Polo Silver = 10Kg extra
  • Marco Polo Gold and oneWorld Sapphire = 15 kg extra
  • Marco Polo Platinum and oneWorld Emerald – 20Kg

The new allowance is shown in the following table:

Cathay Pacific luggage from Septe,ber 15

Cathay Pacific luggage from Septe,ber 15

This compares to the current allowance, as shown in the following:

Cathay Pacific luggage before Septe,ber 15

Cathay Pacific luggage before September 15


Full details on the changes can be found here.

Excess Baggage

In addition to the changes to the checked-in baggage allowance, Cathay Pacific is also making changes to the excess baggage charges. There are additional charges that apply depending on whether you go over your weight allowance or piece allowance. The additional charges also are affected by the length of the flight, with Cathay Pacific defining charges by Zone.

Additional details on Excess Baggage charges can be found here.

The limits that Cathay Pacific have been using have been on the lower end of the scale compared to other carriers. Arguably, they’re just playing catch up with the competition more than anything here. However, it is still a positive change, and these days they are pretty rare.


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