Hilton Honors extends status by one year


Hilton Honors have announced it will be extending status for all Silver, Gold and Diamond members for one year. For some members, this will see an extension from 2020 to 2021. Other members will see an extension from 2021 to 2022.

On top of that, members that are inactive during the year will gain some relief from the points expiration policy. This will be achieved by pausing the expiration of points through to the end of the year.

Extension Details

Hilton Honors normally processes downgrades in March, reflecting a member’s status in the previous calendar year. Depending on when you first gained status, your current status may be up for review in March 2020, or March 2021.

2019 Extensions

In more normal times, Hilton Honors have processed its annual tier downgrades at the end of March. For example, if you achieved Platinum Status in 2018, you would have been Platinum through 2019, with a review in March 2020. If you failed to achieve the requirements of Platinum in 2019, you would have been looking down the barrel of a downgrade at the end of March.

This year, the downgrades will not be happening. Any member scheduled to have their membership downgraded at the end of March will now keep the status for another year,

2020 Extensions

On the other hand, if you had first attained a status in 2019, you would normally keep that status through 2020. Your status expiry would then have been March 2021.

If you meet this particular scenario, Hilton Honors will be extending your status through to March 2022.

Points Expiration

Normally, Hilton Honors expire your points if you have no activity in the program for 12 months. Hilton Honors have decided to pause the expiration of points. As a result, they will not be expiring any points for the rest of the year.

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