Buy Hilton Honors Points with a 100% bonus – extended


Looking for a cheap way to buy Hilton Honors points? Hilton Honors is currently is offering 100% bonus points when you purchase points by 8 March 2021. The bonus is offered to members purchasing 5000 points or more.

Promotions of this type can represent an affordable way to top up your points balance. This is especially so if you have a redemption in mind, but are a few points short. Or even if you have no points – buying points for a reward night could be cheaper than the cash price of the room.

Having said that, it is best if you have a room in mind, rather than buying speculatively. This is, these offers are not usually great for buying points speculatively.

Current Hilton Honors Purchase Points Offer (until 8 March 2021)

Hilton Honors are running a promotion offering a bonus of 100% when purchasing over 5,000 points.

Under the offer, you will be buying points at 0.5 US Cents per point. The current promotion has been extended through to 8 March. You can access the promotion through this link.

Some rules

There are a few rules imposed by Hilton Honors that need to be kept in mind.

  • There is an annual purchase limit of 80,000 Points per account. This limit excludes the bonus points.
  • If you are a new member, you will not be able to buy points for:
    • 30 days after enrolment if there is some activity in your account. For example, if you have earned points from a stay, you will be able to buy points after 30 days.
    • 90 days if there is no activity in your account

Why Buy Hilton Honors Points?

Hilton Honors run occasional promotions offering points at a discounted rate. Sometimes the points are discounted, and sometimes, such as this time,  by offering bonus points. Either way, it offers points at better than normal prices.

Hilton normally sells points at US1c each. During an offer period, the price per point comes down, often to a point where you may be better off buying points for a reward night, rather than paying cash for a room.

This is due to reward nights often have an effective price that is less than paying cash. As a result, you can leverage these promotions into discounted hotel stays.

While you can buy rooms at a discounted rate, there are a few caveats to keep in mind. Firstly, for a given hotel, you should run the numbers to see if it is worthwhile jumping through the various hoops to get the discount. Secondly, it is probably wise to have an immediate use in mind – the discount may not be worthwhile for a speculative redemption down the track.

A Note on award nights

Hilton Honors recently removed its previous system of categories for Award nights. This has resulted in the number of points required for any given night is more dynamic than it was in the past. Ultimately, this may affect the value that you can get from Award nights.

Another factor with redemption bookings is that under the Honors program if you book a five-night stay (with points), the fifth night is free. That is, you pay for four nights, and can stay a fifth for no extra points. Note that under the new Points and Cash system, if you add any cash component to the payment, you will lose the fifth-night free benefit. This can swing the equation back towards a points redemption for a longer stay.

Keeping all that in mind, the best redemptions occur in hotels that have a low points requirement for redemption but have a high cash price. In any case, while that is the best case, there is the possibility of extracting good value at other hotels that you may be interested in.

In summary, there is value to be extracted through this promotion, although you do need to do your math first.

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