KrisFlyer awards to require ten percent more points


KrisFlyer has announced an increase in the cost of award flights and upgrades. These changes mean you will need more points to redeem an award flight on Singapore Airlines.

In addition, KrisFlyer has also announced changes to the stopover benefit on award bookings.

The changes to Award pricing are slated to come into effect next month, on 5 July 2022. Changes to stopover rules will come later in August.

Changes to Award Pricing

There will be an across-the-board increase in the number of points required to make an award booking. According to KrisFlyer, the average increase is 10%. Having said that, some routes will be increasing by more than 10%.

The old and new charts are available on the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer site:

Here are the links to the old and the new award charts:

When booking awards from Australia, there are two zones of interest. Flights departing (or arriving) in Perth or Darwin fall into Zone 8, while other cities in Australia fall into Zone 9. In addition to most of Australia, Zone 9 also included flights to or from New Zealand.

Example Changes

The following table outlines some of the increases that can be expected.

Route Pricing until 4 July
New Pricing from 5 July
Perth / Darwin
to Singapore or South East Asia
20,000 miles in Economy
36,500 miles in Business
21,500 miles in Economy
40,500 miles in Business
Australia (excl Perth / Darwin) and New Zealand
to Singapore or South East Asia
28,000 miles in Economy
47,000 miles in Premium Economy
62,000 miles in Business
85,000 miles in First/Suites
30,500 miles in Economy
51,000 miles in Premium Economy
68,500 miles in Business
93,500 miles in First/Suites
Perth / Darwin
to South Asia (e.g. India, Maldives)
30,000 miles in Economy
63,000 miles in Business
32,500 miles in Economy
69,500 miles in Business
Australia (excl Perth / Darwin) and New Zealand
to South Asia (e.g. India, Maldives)
40,000 miles in Economy
67,500 miles in Premium Economy
84,000 miles in Business
116,000 miles in First/Suites
43,000 miles in Economy
73,000 miles in Premium Economy
92,500 miles in Business
128,000 miles in First/Suites
Perth / Darwin
to UK and Europe
43,000 miles in Economy
106,000 miles in Business
47,500 miles in Economy
119,500 miles in Business
Australia (excl Perth / Darwin) and New Zealand
to UK and Europe
53,000 miles in Economy
91,500 miles in Premium Economy
116,000 miles in Business
163,000 miles in First/Suites
58,500 miles in Economy
101,000 miles in Premium Economy
130,500 miles in Business
183,500 miles in First/Suites


It’s not just Award flights that are increasing in price. If you are looking at an upgrade, then you will also be shelling out additional points. Again, the points required have increased by around 10%.

The new upgrade chart can be found at the following link

Star Alliance Partner Awards

If you are looking at an Award or Upgrade on an alliance partner, then you will also be up for an increase. The following links give the new points requirements

New Stopover Restrictions

Krisflyer redemptions have traditionally had some pretty generous stopover rules. Under the current policy, you can build stopovers into an itinerary while keeping the basic one-way award rate.

From 1 August 2022, the policy is changing. Under the new policy, the following will apply:

  • Complimentary stopovers will be limited to a maximum of 30 days
  • You’ll no longer be able to pay US$100 to make additional stopovers


In the current environment of rising prices, an increase in the number of points required for award flights is not unexpected. Fortunately, in many cases, they can still represent good value. Just not as good value as they have been.




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