Malaysia Airlines Revamps Enrich Program


Malaysia Airlines has announced a range of changes to its Enrich Frequent Flyer program. The changes come into effect on 1 April and cuts across both points earning and how status is earned.

Miles to become Points

First up, the currency of the program will change from Enrich Miles to Enrich Points. This conversion will take place on 1 April. Fortunately, it is a simple conversion. You will receive 1 Enrich Point for every Enrich Mile you currently have.

Secondly, the Elite Miles measure will become Elite Points. As discussed below, these will be the sole measure used to determine status in the program

Point Earnings to become Revenue Based

The main reason in changing to Points in place of Miles is that Points will be awarded based on the fare you pay. This means instead of earning points based on how far you travel, you will earn points based on how much your ticket costs.

This change affects travel on Malaysia Airlines and Mas Wings. When you travel on these two airlines, you will receive a base 1 Enrich Point for each 1 Malaysian Ringgit the fare cost. The points awarded will be this number multiplied by a factor based on your current status.

For example, Blue members will have their base points multiplied by 1.2. Similarly, Silver members will have their base points multiplied by 1.3. Gold members will see a multiplier of 1.6 and finally Platinum member will have their base points multiplied by 1.8.

Status Earning Changes

Malaysia Airlines is also changing the way the status of a member is determined. The first thing to note is that there will only be one way of determining status. The current mechanism of using Elite Sectors will be removed. As a result, Elite Points will be the only measure for determining status.

In a way, this is similar to the way Qantas determines your status – although they use Status Credits as a measure.

In the case of Enrich, you will need to collect 30 Elite Points to gain or renew Enrich Silver, 60 Elite Points for Gold, and 100 Elite Points for Platinum.

While that doesn’t sound a lot, it reflects the fact that you don’t earn many of flights.

For example, an Economy Flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur will see you earn just 3 Elite Points.  From the other Australia Cities to Kuala Lumpur, that economy fare will get you 4 Elite Points.

It’s better in Business. From Perth to Kuala Lumpur you will get 4 Elite Points. Travel in Business from the other Australian capitals will see you get 6 Elite Points.



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