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Marhaba Pay for entry lounge opens in Melbourne International

Marhaba Lounge Melbourne

A new pay for entry lounge, available to International travellers has opened in Melbourne airport. Located on Level 3, the lounge occupies an area formerly occupied by an Emirate Lounge.

Access to airline lounges in Australia are typically for passengers either flying Business or First class, or as a frequent flyer status privilege. The Marhaba lounge offers an alternative, in that you can pay to enter. While such lounges are common overseas, there are only a few in Australia.

In order to gain access to the lounge, you will need to pay a fee of $65, which will give four hour access. You can book online, or turn up at the door and pay. If you have any children with you, they are an additional charge. If they are under 12, a charge of $35 will apply.

Marhaba Lounge Facilities

Open from 6 am to midnight, the lounge has room room for 200 guests, and includes most of the features you would expect. This includes free Wi-Fi, buffet cuisine, Australian wines, a quiet zone for relaxation, and shower facilities.

The promotional photographs have highlighted an onsite Hudson coffee outlet. Whether this will impress Melbourne locals remains to be seen.

Marhaba FB

Marhaba FB

The lounge is not only pay for entry – it also sells its services to airlines. Complimentary access is available to premium class passengers on JAL, Xianen and Tianjin flights. Marhaba is said to be in negotations with other airlines regarding access.



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