Marriott Rewards and SPG program update next Monday / Tuesday


It has now been over 2 years since the merger of the Marriott and Starwood chains was announced. An ability to link the SPG and Marriott Rewards accounts was introduced in September 2016. There was also an announcement that the programs would likely merge in 2018.

Now, it seems there are concrete announcements coming our way. Both Marriott and Starwood have announced online events regarding a program update.

This event is widely tipped to be the announcement of the merged SPG and Marriott rewards programs. This is timed for Monday 16:30 EDT. For those of us in Australia, this translates to a bright and early time on Tuesday morning. 6.30 am if you are on the east coast, and for 4.30 am for those on in Western Australia.

The events will be live on Facebook at the following addresses:

SPG event:

While there are a number of rumours circulating about what the merger will entail, I’m adopting a bit of a wait and see approach to see what this entails. It looks like we’ll be finding out on Tuesday morning.



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