Qantas App adds Press Reader


Qantas has updated the Qantas App, allowing customers access to the world’s largest newspaper and magazine platform, PressReader. Through PressReader,  customers will be able to download magazines and newspapers in more than 60 languages, from a huge range of local, regional and international titles across 100 countries, prior to their flight.

PressReader is available for Android and iOS devices, with the updated version of the App being made available today. In order to take advantage of the new functionality, users of the App will need to update their installed App to the latest version

Access to PressReader

For Qantas passengers, PressReader becmes available within the Qantas App 24 hours prior to the flights scheduled departure time. Within the Qantas App, the ability to ‘download download newspapers and magazines’ becomes available on the flight timeline when you are within the 24 hour window.

Clciking on the ‘download download newspapers and magazines’ tile within the App unlocks 12 hours of unlimited access to the PressReader material. This allows you to download reading material for the flight ahead.

Qantas Group Executive, Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Olivia Wirth said the partnership with PressReader was part of Qantas’ ongoing investment in constantly improving the customer experience.

“Many people use flights as a way to catch up with their reading, so this new service opens up a huge library of titles for people to choose from before they take off,” she said. “We built PressReader into the existing Qantas app to make it easier for customers to manage all parts of the journey through the one application.”

Virgin Australia also offers its guests access to PressReader. However, the access is a bit more limited, with free downloads are only available when connected to Wi-Fi in a Virgin Australia domestic lounges. In comparison, the Qantas access is available from home, on the go, in the office, at a hotel or at the airport.

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