Get up to 40% off a Qantas Club membership (join by 23 May)


Have you been looking to join the Qantas Club? If so, you may have been waiting for a special offer to come along.

Right now, Qantas is offering a discount of up to 40% when taking out a new Qantas Club Membership. The offer is available for new memberships taken out between 20 May and 23 May, 2019.

The discount applies to the total membership price, including both the joining fee and the annual fees. It varies depending on the term of the membership you select, with the maximum 40% discount applying to a 4 year membership. For 1 and 2 year memberships a lower discount applies.

The discounts on offer are as follows:

  1. Australian residents:
    • 1-year membership: 22%
    • 2-year membership: 27%
    • 4-year membership: 40%
  2. New Zealand residents:
    • 1-year membership: 19%
    • 2-year membership: 26%
    • 4-year membership: 40%
  3. Residents from all other regions:
    • 1-year membership: 24%
    • 2-year membership: 28%
    • 4-year membership: 40%

All up, the fees to join the Qantas Club during this promotion are:

Type Membership Fee + Joining Fee (AUD) Total
1 year $486 + $239.4 $725.40
2 year $754.6 + $239.4 $994.00
4 year $1,110 + $239.4 $1,349.40


Normally, a 4 year membership costs a total of $2,249. This consists of a $1,850 membership fees and a $399 joining fee. As can be seen, under the offer the total comes down to $1,349. Is sounds high, but it averages out to just $337.35 per year.

If you are an existing member, unfortunately, you are not eligible to take part in this offer. Having said that, there are reports that some members have been made renewal offers with similar discounts. If you have a Qantas Club membership expiring this month, it may be worth checking your emails.

Qantas Club Benefits

The main benefit of Qantas Club membership is that it allows access to the network of Qantas lounges in a number of domestic and international airports. Members and 1 guest can enter the lounge prior to flying on a Qantas of Jetstar service.

It is not the only benefit though. Members of the Qantas Club provides can access benefits such as priority check-in and increased baggage allowances.

Priority Check-in

There are some premium services available at check-in for Qantas Club members. These vary, depending on whether you are taking a domestic or international flight.

  • Domestic: Qantas Club members can access the Premium Service Desk to check-in or for assistance and booking change requests. In a situation where you are travelling with hand luggage only, you can also check in at most major domestic Australian Qantas Club lounges.
  • International: Check in at dedicated Qantas Club counters available at most airports. You must be travelling on a Qantas operated service with a Qantas flight number.

Increased Baggage Allowance

Domestically, the baggage allowance is increased from 23Kg to 32Kg when travelling in economy (except when travelling on a Dash 8 service).. On International Qantas Services, there is generally an additional allowance of 12Kg across all cabin classes (although there are some exceptions on codeshare flights).

To take advantage of this offer head to this page to join, or  this page to renew

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