Qantas lifts Credit Card Surcharge Caps


Qantas has lifted the cap on its credit-card surcharges. In some cases, such as domestic travel, the cap has been doubled. As a result, you could be up for a higher credit card surcharge next time you book a flight.

Qantas introduced the current credit card surcharge structure back in 2016. At the time, they moved from a flat fee to one calculated as a percentage of the fare. They also added a cap. For a domestic flight, you would not pay more than $11.

Over the past three years, the percentages have drifted around, generally in a downward direction. However, the fee cap has remained the same.

This time around Qantas has opted to increase the fee cap. For a domestic or Trans-Tasman journey, the fee cap has been lifted from $11 to $22. In the case of international flights (other than Trans Tasman), the fee cap has gone from $70 up to $120.

As an example of what this means, consider a domestic airfare. If you pay by credit card, you are charged 1.03%. In the past, you would reach the cap if your ticket price was more than $1,067. If your ticket was over $1,067, you still paid just $11.

This cap has now been raised to $22. As such, your surcharge keeps rising until your ticket exceeds $2,135.

This increase will likely have the greatest effect on travelers booking into Business. Some of these fares now exceed $2,000. It’s a bit harder to see that people booking Economy tickets will be hit as hard.

What are the payment surcharges?

Qantas apply the following payment surcharges,

Booking made in Australia Debit/prepaid cards Credit/charge cards Paypal Fee cap (per ticket per card in AUD)
Australian Domestic
Australian Trans-Tasman
Australian International


Fee Free Options

If you’d rather not pay a surcharge, there are various fee-free options available. The fee-free options include:

  • POLi  online payment option
  • BPay for payment made 7 days or more before the flight’s scheduled  departure
  • UATP cards issued by Qantas
  • Credit voucher.

The Qantas Gift Voucher is a popular way of avoiding the credit card surcharge.

As Qantas makes changes to their surcharges from time to time, you can find the latest information on their website

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