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While we may all have our favourite hotel loyalty program, there are times when we are going somewhere where using our favourite chain is not possible. Or we may feel like trying something else out. What are we to do?

We can book through one of a multitude of websites. But many sell you a room, and that is it. What if you want more?

There are a couple of options that are around. Some of the hotel websites offer their own programs, offering their own discounts and benefits. These include the Rewards program, and the Expedia+ program. In this post, I will look at the Rewards program. Rewards

One of the first things you’ll notice about rewards is that it is simple. Basically, for each 10 hotel nights you book, you’ll earn one free night. The value of the free night is calculated as the average of the ten nights you paid for. So, straight up, there is an effective discount of 10% on your hotel bookings. Of course, you will have to make 10 paid bookings to get the free night.

One thing to watch out for in the redemption program, is that not all properties are available. advertise 297,000 hotels in which you can earn toward a fee night. For redemptions, says there are 213,000 properties to choose from. While a smaller number, it is a good proportion of the available properties.

As with many programs, you do need to stay active in the program to keep your benefits. If you have 12 months of inactivity, you will lose any stay credits. This means any unused free nights and any nights being counted towards a free night.

Status Levels – Silver and Gold

What would a program be without status levels. For good measure Rewards has two – silver and gold. These levels are attained by booking 10 and 30 nights per year respectively. As shown in the following table, the main offers are priority customer service, and earlier access to deals. Rewards benefits Rewards benefits

There is also the possibility of some in hotel benefits. Sliver and Gold members may be eligible for upgrades, lat check-out. This can vary by hotel.

Final Thoughts is a simple program. Having said that, one that can return 10% of your spend is worth looking at. Make sure you read the terms and conditions to see if it suits your needs.



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