The new American Express Cashback Credit Card


American Express have just launched a new credit card in Australia, and they have taken a different tack with the new card. Instead of offering points as a reward, the new card is a cashback card.

In the past some American Express cards have allowed you to convert points as a part payment on your account. However, this is the first that gives a direct cashback. And it’s an uncapped cashback. You can get 1% back on all eligible spend.

American Express Cashback Card

The standard offer on the card is for an uncapped 1% on most of your purchases. So, if you use the card at the supermarket, the cafe, or at the service station, you can get 1% back on your purchases.

Introductory Offer

As an introductory offer, new cardholders are being offered a bonus 5% cashback for the first three months. Overall, you can get a maximum of cashback of $200 from this offer. To get that $200, you would need to spend $4,000 in the first three months.

That bonus is on top of the basic 1% cashback, so you will be getting up to 6% cashback for the first three months.


In place of the usual annual fee, the American Express cashback card comes with a $10 monthly fee. With the basic cashback offer, once you have spent $1,000 in a month, you will have covered the fee. Any spend over $1,000 in the month you get to keep the money!

Other Benefits

Being an American Express card, it comes with a range of other benefits. These include:

  • BINGE subscription: a monthly BINGE Basic subscription (valued at $10 per month) providing Card Members access to the world’s best TV shows and movies
  • Complimentary insurances: including Smartphone Screen insurance, Purchase Protection, Refund Protection and Fraud Protection guarantee
  • Centr membership: a 12-month Centr membership (valued at $119.99), providing Card Members access to health and wellness content
  • Curated experiences: access to amazing American Express discount offers and specially curated experiences including pre-sale tickets to concerts, sport, events and more

Shop Small

American Express Cashback cardholders can take advantage of the current Shop Small promotion. Instead of the 3 points per dollar on offer in the promotion, they will be offered a bonus cashback of 1.5% when spending at eligible small businesses.

To find out more, visit the American Express website,

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