Velocity cuts back benefits on partner airlines


Velocity has announced a range of updates to benefits on a range of its partner airlines. In all cases, it sees a loss of benefits to Velocity members, although the changes do vary by airline.

Among the changes, we see the removal of lounge access, in-flight benefits or points earning.

Partner Airlines Lounge Access

Velocity has announced the removal of lounge access when travelling on three of its airline partners. You will no longer be able to access the lounges of Alitalia, Hainan Airlines, or Hong Kong Airlines.

On the plus side, you will still be able to access all the other partner lounges. That includes the likes of Singapore Airlines, Delta, and Etihad.

Point earnings on codeshare flights

This change sees the removal of Points earning, status credits, and tier bonus when you fly on a partner airline operated flights when flying with a Virgin Australia (VA) flight number. That’s right, fly a VA flight number on a partner airline and no points for you.

On the other hand, it seems if you fly on the operating airline flight number, you will continue to earn at the partners rate. That includes points and status credits. For Etihad and Delta it also includes a tier bnous.

Upgrades out at Delta Air Lines

If you are flying on Delta, you will miss out on the opportunity for some upgrades. Firsty, Velocity Platinum, Gold and Silver members are no longer eligible for Complimentary Upgrades to Delta Comfort+.

In addition, Velocity members will no longer be able to Upgrade with Points on Delta operated flights booked with a VA flight number.


Velocity has until now been a bit quiet on what is happening with partner airlines. It is perhaps not surprising that we were going to see some cutbacks in benefits. What is surprising is that it seems such a random collection of changes. I guess it reflects the discussions with each partner.

To some extent, they may just be reflecting reality. For example, the Delta partnership is pretty much on hold. In addition, they have pretty much suspended selling codeshare flights on partner airlines.

See the announcement on the Velocity Website

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