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On Monday, we saw the initial offerings from Westpacs decision to  withdraw their American Express companion cards. We saw the earn rates for the new direct issue American Express cards as they applied to those earning Qanrts Points.

American Express and Westpac have also started rolling out cards for those that earn Altitude points. As with the Altitude Qantas cards, you will need to be an existing cardholder in order to get an invitation to apply.

The new Westpac American Express Altitude Cards – Altitude

For holders opting for the Altitude points earning version of the card, the following basic details apply

American Express Westpac
Altitude Platinum Card
American Express Westpac
Altitude Black Card
Annual Fee  $0 first year, then $49 per year $0 first year, then $150 per year
 Qantas Points Earning
 Foreign Transactions 5.0 points per dollar 3.0 points per dollar
 Australian Transactions 3.0 points per dollar 2,0 points per dollar
 Australian Government Bodies 1,0  points per dollar 1.0 points per dollar

As a comparison, the current Altitude cards earn at the following rates

  • 3.00 points per dollar for the Black American Express
  • 2.00 Altitude points per dollar on the Platinum American Express

So, in both cases you will be better off when using the card outside Australia. On the other hand, use your card at Australian Government bodies and your earn will be sliced.

Other Advantages

As with the Qantas version, the cards allow holders access to exclusive American Express offers. For example, the cards will still provide access to the American Express lounges in Sydney and Melbourne International Airports. In addition, cardholders will have access to the various Amex offers, such as the popular statement credit offers.

Westpac are currently contacting cardholders, offering them the opportunity to apply for the new card. As noted, you will only be able to apply for a card if you are an existing cardholder, and get a code from Westpac.

By applying for the card, you will be directly dealing with American Express. They will issue the card, and monthly statements. In addition, you will need to make payments to American Express to pay off the card.

Once you get the offer, it may be worth comparing other American Express options, if you are looking at a directly issued card.

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