Accor Live Limitless (ALL) increased Diamond Rewards points earing


Accor Live Limitless (ALL) has made an improvement to the Rewards Points earnings for Diamond members staying at participating hotels. Under the new earnings, Diamond members will receive 100% more points than a basic Classic Member.

New Earnings

From the 10 January 2024, Accor is boosting the number of Reward Points that a member can earn while staying in a participating hotel. The updated Terms and Conditions give the new earnings as follows:

Accor All Reward Points Earning

Up until 10 January 2024, Accor had offered Diamond members the same earnings rate as Platinum members.

Effectively, the earning rate was a 75% bonus on the rate offered to Classic members. As shown, this has now increased to a bonus of 100% points.

The additional points over and above a Classic Member generally posts as an “Accelerator” entry. For example, if a Classic member was to earn 1,000 Rewards Points, a Platinum member would see these 1,000 points, plus an additional 750 points as an “Accelerator”. From 10 January, a Diamond member will see 1,000 points as an accelerator, up from the 750 points they used to receive.


It is worth calculating the value of the points that will now be offered to Diamond members. As they will now be effectively earning 50 Points per Euro spend (at most hotels), this means they will basically be receiving 10% of the value of the stay back in points. This is an improvement over the 8.8% return that a Platinum member would receive.

Final Words

One of the complaints some people have with the Diamond level is the lack of benefits over the Platinum level. As there is some merit to this argument, it is good to see Accor making improvements to the Diamond benefits. While this is only a small change, it is good to see an improvement like this to the program.



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