Accor Plus launches a fast track to ALL status


Accor Plus has unveiled a fast track to gold or platinum status in the Accor Live Limitless (ALL) program. If you successfully attain a new level this year, you will be able to keep that level into 2022.

The offer works by offering members bonus Nights when they stay one night after registering. By adding these bonus nights to your annual tally, members can get a boost in status.


  • Offer: Take the Fast Track to the Next Status
  • Registration: Accor Plus members must register for the promotion by 15 April 2021
  • Stay Dates: Registered member must stay between 15 February and 31 August 2021

Firstly, Silver Members will be credited 10 Status Nights after their first stay. Secondly, Gold Members will be credited 15 Status Nights after their first stay

In most cases, you can only receive the bonus once. However, if you are Silver you could score two rounds of bonus nights. Firstly, as a Silver member, you get 10 nights. Then, if you achieve Gold within the FastTrack period, you could get an additional 15 nights.

Combining with 2021 Double Nights

The promotion works hand in hand with the double Status Night offer running through 2021. With the bonus nights and double nights offer, you could go up a level with relatively few nights. If you have 0 stays so far in 2021, you could go up a level based as shown in the following table. (Note if you already have some nights under your belt, you could reduce this number)

Current membership

Reach ALL Gold

Reach ALL Platinum

ALL Silver

Stay 10 nights

Stay 18 nights

ALL Gold


Stay 18 nights* (23?)

(* It is unclear how this has been calculated. On my calculations, a Gold member starting with 0 nights would need to stay at least 23 nights to reach Platinum)

If you attain a higher status level this year, you will be able to keep that status until your Accor Plus membership renewal in 2022. As a result, you could keep the status for over two years.

This offer is only available to Accor Plus members and may only be used as a fast track to Gold or Platinum. There is no fast track available to higher levels such as Diamond.


This is quite a generous offer and can help propel you up to the next level. I have already set out to achieve Platinum this year and as a result of this offer, it is now a little easier. The main challenge I have is that most of the hotels I normally stay at seem to be doing Quarantine duties at the moment. I guess I will need to try out other ALL hotels.


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