ALL to give a helping hand to the 2020 Status Chase with a credit of nights or points


Accor Live Limitless has announced the way in which it will help members retain their ALL membership tier this year. Rather than giving a blanket extension, they will be giving members a head start on their chase for status.

To help members, ALL will credit each member with half the number of nights or points required to maintain their status level. As this is for status calculations, I assume that they mean half the status points required. Somehow, I can’t imagine them making a deposit of reward points!

From that we can work out the number of nights or reward points we can expect ALL to credit.

Current Status Status Requirements Credit Amount
Nights Status Points Nights Status Points
Silver 10 2,000 5 1,000
Gold 30 7,000 15 3,500
Platinum 60 14,000 30 7,000
Diamond N.A. 26,000 ? 13,000


Diamond status is a bit of anomaly. You can only earn the status based on earning Status Points. As a result, it is not clear how many nights they will deposit into Diamond members accounts. Perhaps they will go with half of the diamond requirement. Perhaps they won’t give any. We will have to wait and see.


By providing a credit of 50% of the requirements, Accor will require you to earn the other 50% through your usual stays. This seems to imply that Accor are expecting this to go on for 6 months before things begin to return to normal. It remains to be seen if they are correct.

In contrast, the IHG approach of reducing the requirements by 25% suggests that they are expecting this to go on for three months. At the other end of the spectrum, some programs have gone for a year long extension.

So, Accor have gone for approach in the middle of the field. They are also requiring that you spend some time in their hotels if you want to renew status. At that level, is probably smarter than just giving a one year extension.

Of course, this assumes they are correct on expecting the downturn to last 6 months. if it goes on longer, they could always tip in more nights and status points.

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