Get an extra 100 Velocity points for every 2,000 flybuys points transferred (targeted)


Transferring Flybuys points to Velocity is quite a popular option for Velocity members. Until the end of August, Flybuys and Velocity have a targeted promotion, offering an additional 100 Velocity Points when transferring 2,000 Flybuys Points.

Under the standard transfer offer, 2000 Flybuys Points will land as 870 Velocity Points. This offer bumps that up to 970 Velocity Points. This represents an increase of 11.4% over the normal transfer rate,

This is not as good as the offer of a 15% bonus, but if you have a need to transfer now, it could be worthwhile.

The terms of the promotion indicate that the promotion is targeted. As such, you should check your emails and the offers sections of your accounts to see if you have been targeted.

Flybuys transfers to Velocity

In order to transfer Flybuys Points to Velocity, you must first link your accounts. Under the standard offer, you can send across points at the rate of 2,000 Flybuys points to 870 Velocity Points.

One of the best things about transferring Flybuys to Velocity is that the process is usually quite fast. Both the standard points and bonus points can appear in your Velocity account within minutes of you requesting the transfer. This can be quite useful is you spy a redemption opportunity you want to jump on.

Flybuys sets a limit to the number of points that you can transfer to Velocity each year. This is currently a total of 138,000 Flybuys points. At the standard transfer rate this will result in 60,030 Velocity Points landing in your Velocity account. Taking into account the current bonus, you would get 69,000 points.

Transferring flybuys points to Velocity is a good way of boosting your Velocity balance. It may be worth doing if you have a redemption in mind.

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