Hilton Partners with Small Luxury Hotels of the World


Hilton has announced a new exclusive strategic partnership with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). Under the new arrangement, Hilton guests will be welcomed to hundreds of independent hotels around the world.

While it may be good news for Hilton members, the news isn’t so good for the World of Hyatt members. At the moment, World of Hyatt members are eligible for some benefits while staying at SLH properties. The ‘exclusive’ phrase the Hilton uses would suggest this partnership will be winding down.

Having said that, there’s no real timeline available at the moment. For now, Hilton says that there will be further announcements soon. How soon is soon? I guess we have to wait and find out.

For now, Hilton is promising the ability to earn and redeem points at SLH affiliated hotels. In addition, they are promising members only benefits,

Who is SLH?

If you are not familiar with SLH, they are a marketing group consisting of around 560 hotels in 90 countries. Even though they market hotels under the SLH banner, they are independent-minded hotels. As such, SLH doesn’t manage any of the properties, it’s a marketing group.

In Australia, there are a few hotels that have such an agreement with SLH. These include hotels such as Smiths Beach Resort in WA, and the Islington Hotel in Tasmania.

SLH and World of Hyatt

At the moment, SLH has a partnership with Hyatt. As part of that partnership, there is limited ability to use a World of Hyatt membership while staying at an SLH property. For example, there was an ability to earn WOH points. On top of that, SLH also offers members a small number of in-property benefits.

However, there were suggestions that this partnership might end after Hyatt bought Mr & Mrs Smith. With the latest announcement, the end could come sooner rather than later.

Final Words

There’s not a lot of detail in these announcements.We’ll have to wait and see exactly what this new partnership holds for Hilton Honors members.



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