Priority Pass Offers discounts on purchases in airports


The Priority Pass program has been around for some years, initially operating as a lounge membership program. More recently, they expanded their offer, offering a credit at a number of airport restaurants (such as those in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne)

It recently added another new feature – Priority Pass offers. This is essentially a discount program – offering a range of discounts at businesses operating in airports.

While it may not be lounge access, or even a dining credit – the offers could still be useful for some people. To start with, Priority Pass have arranged discounts (or free gifts) at 146 airports in 32 countries around the world.

Using Priority Pass Offers

In order to gain access to offers, you will need to log in to the Priority Pass website or the mobile app. This means that you will have to set up an online account if you have not already done so.

From there, you search for the city of interest, as you would if you were looking for a lounge.For example, say we were looking for something at Brisbane, we simply search on Brisbane. If there are offers, we see them listed under a new ‘Offers’ section

Brisbane Priority Pass Offer

Brisbane Priority Pass Offer

If you spot something that interests you, you then generate a unique code that you have to present at the point of purchase (obviously, this may be easier to do in the App). The steps are basically

Step 1: Generate an offer code
Members can simply open the app or go to the website and select an offer of their choice. Underneath that offer they will then need to press ‘Generate the Offer code’, which is a digital 2D barcode.

Step 2: Redeem the offer
Present the digital offer code generated on the smartphone or tablet, as and when prompted by the retailer. For self-service, Members may need to manually enter an offer code to validate it.

There are offers at airports that otherwise aren’t represented in the Priority Pass program. For example, through searching, I was able to find a 10% discount at Nooodles in Perth airport:

I had a look around various airports that I frequent. Interestingly, Kuala Lumpur airport has quite a diverse range of offers. Among them are 5% of chocolates, discounts at Duty Free stores, and even an offer at Gloria Jeans.

Why Offers?

The decision to launch offers follows research showing that passengers would arrive to the airport earlier if they received discounts. They’d even be inclined to spend more time in the airports.

To me, it is a welcome addition to the Priority Pass program. The offers may not set the world on fire and they might not be used on every trip to the airport. And they will probably be used less that the lounge access or restaurant credits.  But they may offer something at an airport where those options aren’t available, or you are looking for something different.

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