Qantas announces a fourth frequent flyer status extension


Qantas has announced a fourth round of frequent flyer status extensions. This time it is members with a membership year ending between January 2022 and June 2022.

The offer is basically the same one as made in November last year, it is just rolling out to a new set of members. In essence, members just need to book one eligible flight before their membership anniversary to keep their status. On top of that, the status credit rollover offer will also be extended to the new set of members.

Taken together, it means that anyone with a membership anniversary between now and June 2022 can get a one year extension of their status by booking one flight.

How it Works

Status Extension

To start off with, in order to be eligible, you will need to book a flight. You can book anytime between now and your membership anniversary, with the travel date anytime out to June 2022. Eligible flights are

  • any Qantas-operated flight with a QF flight number
  • any Qantas Points-earning Jetstar international booking including within New Zealand (JQ), Japan (GK) and Asia (3K).   Note: Jetstar domestic flights within Australia are not eligible.

If you do that, Qantas will extend your status by a further 12 months once you’ve reached your membership end date. This is automatic, you do not need to register or contact Qantas for this to happen.

Status Credit Rollover

If you’ve met the requirement of booking an eligible flight, Qantas will also be rolling over Status Credits earned during your membership year. For the purposes of the rollover, Qantas rollover the Status Credits you earned from flying, and on the ground, subject to the following caps:

  • Platinum One: 1,800 status credits
  • Platinum: 500 status credits
  • Gold: 250 status credits
  • Silver: 100 status credits

Further Details

The Qantas website contains the full terms & conditions of this offer,.


The last round of extensions took care of Frequent Flyers with membership years ending through to December this year. While domestic travel was looking good for a while, the latest border closures have hit quite hard. As a result, it was really a matter of time before Qantas had to roll out something for those with membership years coming up early next year.



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