Qantas Perth Business Lounge


The Qantas Perth Domestic Business Lounge first opened in 2015.  Located in Terminal 4, it serves as the Business Lounge for departures from Terminal 4 and the adjacent Terminal 3.

The lounge is a little unusual in that it serves a dual role. Firstly, it is is the Qantas Perth Domestic Business Lounge. So, it largely serves as the lounge for those traveling Business, and Platinum Frequent Flyers traveling domestically.

However, as Qantas currently operates international services out of these terminals, it also serves as the International Business Lounge. So, if you find yourself on a Qantas flight to Singapore, or Auckland, this is the lounge you will use. Yes, even if you are a Gold Frequent Flyer – if you are on an international flight, this is your lounge.


The lounge is located on the main departure level in Terminal 4. While there is ample signage, you can identify the lounge from its frosted glass entrance.

As with a number of lounges, there is signage for the dress code at the door. The dress code is not that onerous. Unless you look like you’re heading for the beach, you shouldn’t have too many problems.


So, how do you get in? Well, there are a few ways. The rules mostly follow the rules for the other domestic business lounges.

However, as it also does double duty as the International Lounge at the moment, there are some additional wrinkles. You can think of it as both the Qantas Domestic Business Lounge and the Qantas International Business Lounge.

Access is available to the following travelers:

  • Anyone traveling onward in Qantas Business 
  • Qantas Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyer with a same-day Qantas, QantasLink, Emirates, Jetstar or Oneworld flight
  • Oneworld Emerald members and your next flight that day is with Qantas or QantasLink
  • Emirates Skywards Platinum members with an onward flight that day carries a QF or EK flight number
  • Qantas Gold frequent flyers departing on a Qantas International service
  • Oneworld Sapphire members departing on a Qantas International service
  • Qantas Club members departing on a Qantas International service
  • Emirates Skywards Gold members on a Qantas International Service

Notably, if you are a Qantas Gold frequent flyer, you can access the lounge when you are traveling on an international service. Take a domestic flight, however, and it is back to the Qantas Club.

The Lounge

The lounge itself is basically a U-shape design. You enter on one side of the U and see a range of seating options along the windows.


As you get to the end of the first leg, you find a small ‘business centre’. This is really a couple of Mac computers and a printer.

At the bottom of the U, you find the bar catering. First, you find a small coffee station, and a small bar. I was in the lounge early, so no alcohol, but they were making coffee for people. As you venture in, you find the main buffet area. Finally, you find Perth’s unique lounge offering – the pizza oven.

Around the bend, and the other leg of the U. Here we find the main bar, together with additional seating areas. As it was morning, the bar was closed.

I was basically in at breakfast time and the offerings reflected this. It was also too early to get a pizza, so I had to make do with breakfast.

All in all, it is a step up from the Qantas Club. In the morning, it is quite a quiet place. On the other hand, unlike the normal international lounges, there is no alcohol service in the mornings here. Having said that, it is probably a step up from the Qantas Business Lounge in T1.

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