Qantas to run special Mystery Flights from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne


asQantas has announced a new set of concept flights – this time in the form of Mystery Flights. The mystery flights will take off from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to a destination within about 2 hours from the departure point.

Some people may remember Mystery Flights from the 1990s. Back then, you could book a Mystery Flight, and Qantas would find you unsold seats on its flights. As a result, you could end up pretty much anywhere in its network for a day of adventure.

Now in 2021, Qantas has evolved the concept so that the whole flight is full of mystery flight travelers. And it will be more than the flight. In addition to the return flight, Qantas is promising activities at the destination.


As they are mystery flights, Qantas is giving only the essential details for making a booking, and turning up on the day.

The three flights on offer, and the hints to the destinations on offer, depart as follows

  • Brisbane on Saturday 27 March 2021
    • This is being touted as a perfect getaway if you love country hospitality, gourmet food and wine, and the great outdoors.
  • Sydney on Sunday 18 April 2021. I
    • In this case, Qantas says it is great for people who love the tropics, saltwater on your skin, and long lunching on the beach
  • Melbourne on Saturday 1 May 2021.
    • Qantas says this trip will involve walks in the great outdoors, gourmet food and wine, and regional farmers markets.

In each case, the flights will depart around 7 am and return back in the early evening.


Seats on the Qantas Mystery Flight Experiences go on sale on at midday Thursday 4 March. The travel dates vary depending on your departure city, as shown above.

The all-inclusive fares, which include meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages plus activities on the ground, are $737 for Economy (with a Qantas Points earn of 2,400 points plus 40 Status Credits) and $1,579 for Business (5000 Qantas Points earn plus 80 Status Credits).


This is the latest in a series of concept flights for Qantas. Previously we have seen the flight to nowhere, followed by a flight to somewhere.

On the surface, tickets aren’t cheap, but Qantas is promising a full day of activities, so they may well be worth the money. It’s a good thing to help keep some staff working, and to help the frequent flyers to do some flying.

I imagine that it will be a successful promotion, and tickets will sell out fast.


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