New Qantas Earn Categories (Premium Economy & Business)


Qantas have made some adjustments to the Frequent Flyer Earn categories that apply when flying Qantas. In addition, for the first time, they have defined Premium Economy earn categories for domestic flights.In terms of Earn Categories, they have introduced the Discount Premium Economy and DIscount Business levels.

The are two main effects of this change. Firstly, there are changes to earn rates, although this has tended to be small increase. The changes are small, but for some status chasers, it may need to be taken into account.

The Earn categories also feed into the Upgrade award tables. This is probably where the biggest effect of the change will be see, There have been some decreases in point requirements for upgrades.

Winners, then are those that are flying in Business classes other than ‘I’.

Discount Premium Economy

Prior to October 24, flyers in Premium Economy would earn at either the Premium Economy or Flexible Premium Economy rate.  Qantas have now introduced a Discount Premium Economy rate. The Discount Premium Economy looks to offer an earn rate set at the Flexible Economy level. This may be more of a tidy up – as in some cases the fares were being treated as Flexible Economy.


Points Required to Upgrade from Premium Economy to Business

Points Required to Upgrade from Premium Economy to Business

Discount Business

The Business ‘I’ class fare has been recategorised as a Discount Business fare, when flying internationally. It has not changed for domestic flights. I class is a deeply discounted ticket, and is used for sales, such as the 2 for 1 companion fare offers.

In making the change, it is not so much the earn rate of Discount Business that is affected. Qantas have made slight increases to the other Business categories. These increase are small, offering

With the change in Earn categories, Qantas have adjusted some of the points required for upgrades.

Business To First Upgrade Chart

Business To First Upgrade Chart

Domestic Premium Economy

For the first time, Qantas have provided Premium Economy categories when travelling domestically within Australia. This provides a signal that there may be opportuinities to purchase domestic premium economy fares on the 787 services that will be operating between Perth and Melbourne.

For completeness, here are the new Earn Categories that apply from October 24, 2017.

Qantas International Fare Categories

Qantas Fare Earn Categories – International

Qantas Fare Earn Categories Domestic

Qantas Fare Earn Categories – Domestic

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