[Updated] Menzies Aviation to take over Reef Lounge Cairns


The Reef Lounge Cairns has received a reprieve. Cairns Airport has announced that Menzies Aviation will take over running the lounge as from 1 August, 2019.

With Cathay Pacific about to stop flying via Cairns, the lounge had been slated to close. Fortunately, Menzies Aviation has stepped in to operate the lounge.

Menzies Aviation have said that they will have a Pay Per Visit offer. Having said that, there is no word yet on whether Priority Pass members will be able to access the lounge through their card.

Priority Pass Members

Priority Pass members will no longer have access to the Reef Lounge Cairns as from 1 August 2019. As a result, Priority Pass members, will not be able to access the lounge from that date.

This also applies to the sister Lounge Key program. So, if you are a member of Lounge Key, you will also lose access from 1 August, 2019.

Cairns Reef Lounge

At present the Reef Lounge is the only Lounge in the international terminal. It has, until recently, been operated by Cathay Pacific.

However, with the withdrawal of Cathay Pacific from Cairns, it is no surprise that they do not wish to continue running a lounge there.

Menzies is currently in talks with the many international airlines that fly from Cairns in regard to providing lounge access to their premium cabin and loyalty program members. Menzies will also offer a pay-per-use option to all international passengers.  The new arrangement will commence on August 1.

Domestically, the Qantas and Virgin Lounges will still be open. Unfortunately, these don’t really provide an option for many people flying out of Cairns.


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