The Qantas Singapore First Lounge


Qantas opened the new Qantas Singapore First Lounge late last year. As I travelled back to Australia after my end of year break, I stopped by to have a look.

Qantas Singapore First Lounge 


The Qantas First Lounge is centrally located in Changi Terminal 1, between the two immigration checkpoints.

If you pass through immigration near the SATS premier check-in area near row 4 turn right after immigration. On the other hand, if you pass through immigration near check-in row 8, then it will be on your left. Either way, you then head up an escalator to the lounge.

On the other hand, if you are connecting from another flight, the lounge is located in the central area of the terminal. Signage at the airport is good, so it should not be difficult to find.

Entrance to Qantas Singapore First Lounge

Entrance to Qantas Singapore First Lounge

Operating Hours

As with the Qantas Business Lounge, the Qantas First Lounge Singapore opens daily at 2:30 pm. Its official closing time is 11 pm, however, it will stay open later if there are delayed flights.


In the original announcement for the lounge, Qantas noted that it occupied over 1,000 square metres of space. From outside, it looked like a box, and upon entering, you see that it is laid out as one long room.

When you enter the lounge, the first seating you see is an arrangement of seats where you could relax. This included couches and some individual seats.

Once past that area, you notice that a large portion of the lounge is devoted to table dining. Indeed, half the lounge appears to be devoted to it.


Then there’s the bar.

Menu Options

So what did I have? I wasn’t going to get through everything, so picked a few things from the menu.

Now Laksa in my experience, doesn’t normally come with crayfish. I guess it was a bit of an up market addition to the dish.

So what were the choices? Alternative cocktails included the Merlion Blush, a Sling style of cocktail, or the Tamarind Talisman.

On the All Day Dining Menu, you can find the following options

  • Buffalo mozzarella with marinated cherry tomatoes, cucumber, soybeans, and pea shoots
  • Tea smoked duck breast with pickled cabbage and Chinese mustard
  • Grilled skate in browned sambal butter with capers and calamansi
  • Salt and pepper squid with green chilli dipping sauce and aioli
  • Club sandwich with chicken, slow-roasted tomato, bacon, and aioli
  • Poached eggs with mushrooms and salsa verdé on sourdough
  • Pappardelle with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, green olives, basil and parmesan
  • Grilled barramundi with charred lettuce, croutons and caper, anchovy and parsley butter
  • Signature laksa with crayfish, rice noodles, bean sprouts, and egg
  • Chicken with crispy eggplant salad, mustard greens, sesame and shallot oil
  • Stir-fried black pepper beef with onion, red capsicum and jasmine rice
  • Bowl of chips
  • Mixed leaves with Neil’svinaigrette
  • Local greens with oyster sauce
  • Steamed rice
  • Seasonal fruit plate
  • Coconut and mango sorbet with toasted coconut flakes
  • Torta di Verona with blueberries and toasted almonds
  • Chocolate fudge cake with sesame sorbet, pocky sticks, and milo

Overall, the lounge is a great addition to the Qantas lounge network. It is certainly an improvement on the Business Lounge. I look forward to returning to this lounge to try out more of the dishes on offer.

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