Velocity extends status credits boost on paid fights until July 2022


Velocity has announced an extension to its status credit boost on paid flights. Under the boost, you can earn double the usual status credits in Economy. For those sitting up front in Business, a boost of up to 45% is on offer.

The boost extends an offer announced last September. Originally, the offer was wrapping up at the end of March. Under the extension, the boosted tables will continue until the end of July.

Bonus Details

Between 1 October 2021 and July 2022, Velocity is offering members a status credit boost when flying on Virgin Australia. The status boost applies to both domestic and international short-haul flights operated by Virgin Australia.

The following table shows the boosted status credits and compares these with the standard status credit earn rate.

One-way Miles (zones) Lite Choice/Groups Flex Business
1 – 750 (Zone 1) 10  (5) 30 (15) 50 (25) 80 (55)
751 – 1,500 (Zone 2) 15  (7) 40 (20) 70 (35) 115 (80)
1,501 + (Zone 3) 20 (10) 60 (30) 90 (45) 150 (105)



The announcement comes as Velocity applies the latest status extensions to eligible members’ accounts. That extension saw eligible members having their status extended to February 2023. The boosted status credits offer will give members a chance to get their status credit tally a good boost over the next few months.

While a welcome development, it is worth noting that the extension does not apply to the offer of Status Credits on Reward Flights. That particular offer is still scheduled to finish up at the end of March.

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