Velocity makes adjustments to Status Credit earn rates


Following on from yesterday’s announcement of new fare families, Velocity has also made some changes to Status Credits earn rates. These changes affect both domestic and short-haul international services.

Domestic Status Credit Changes

As mentioned, the base Economy Fares will see a reduction in the number of Status Credits earned. However, they were not the only changes. Indeed, the other changes will see an increase in the number of Status Credits.

Zone Miles travelled Lite Choice Flex Business Saver Business
1 1-750 5 (was 7) 15 25 (was 50) 55
2 751-1,500 7 (was 10) 20 35 (was 30) (was 60) 80 (was 70)
3 1,501+
10 (was 15) 30 45 (was 90) 105


As mentioned, the Economy Lite fares see a reduction of 30% or more. It is also worth noting that these fares will no longer be counted in the eligible sector count for the purposed of status. So, it really is a double punch.

At the other end of the spectrum are the Business fares. Business Saver fares have gone, with the new charts just having a single entry for Business. This in itself will see an increase in Status Credit earn for anyone that can get the lower-priced Business Fares.  On top of that, the zone 2 Business fares will see an increase of 10 Status Credits, with these flights no yielding 80 Status Credits.

Finally, the Zone 2 Flex fares will also payout more Status Credits. These will see small increase of 5 status credits, bringing the total to 35.

Short Haul International

Not that it will affect many at the moment, but there are also changes to Status Credit earn on Short Haul International flights, including those between Australia and New Zealand.

Zone Miles travelled Lite Choice Flex Business Saver Business
1 1-750 7 (was 10) 15 25 (was 40) 45
2 751-1,700 15 (was 20) 30 (was 25) 45 (was 40) (was 80) 95 (was 90)
3 1,701-2,500
20 (was 25) 35 50 (was 100) 110
4 2,501+
25 (was 30) 45 65 (was 60) (was 120) 140 (was130)


Of particular note is Zone 2, and it is worth noting that takes in flights between Australia and New Zealand. While the Lite fare sees a reduction in Status Credits earn, all other tickets see an increase in earn rate.


Certainly some interesting changes there, especially as Virgin Australia continues to reposition itself.




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