Velocity offering members a share of 10 Million Points


Velocity is running another of its promotions offering members a share of 10 million Velocity Points. This time around, members can get a share of the points when they make a new Virgin Australia booking.

Key Details

  • Offer: Claim your share of 10 Million Points
  • Booking Dates: Book an eligible flight by 16 June 2021
  • Travel Dates: You must travel by 2 May 2022
  • Registration: You must activate (in Velocity parlance) to participate in this promotion

At the end of the promotion, Velocity will give an equal share of 10 million points to members that participated in the promotion. According to Velocity, you should have these points in your account by the end of July.

Note that there is a limit of one share per member, regardless of how many flights you book. In addition, if there are multiple passengers on a booking, each passenger must register in order to participate.


It’s a type of promotion that Velocity seems to like running. In many cases, the number of points awarded is fairly small. Having said that, this time there is a requirement to book, which may help make the haul of points larger than in some recent versions of the promotion.

Still, if you have something to book in the next week, they are free points.

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