Virgin Australia expands baggage tracking tool across entire network (almost)


Virgin Australia has announced the extension of its In-app baggage tracking tool across its domestic and international routes. While that includes Queenstown, Bali, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, and Japan, it does not include services to Christmas and Coco Islands.

In addition, Virgin has made some improvements to the tool. For example, there is now a ‘loaded’ status which confirms that your baggage has been loaded onto the aircraft.

How to get it

In order to use the baggage tracking tool, you first need to set your phone up. You will need to:

How it works

Once you have set up the baggage tracking tool, you will receive notifications from the time you check-in through to the bag being available on arrival. For most trips, you will receive the following notifications:

  • when you checked-in the bag,
  • loaded onto the aircraft.
  • available for collection at the final destination. The app will also advise which baggage carousel your baggage will be available at.

When you have a connection to an international flight, you will also get a message when the bag is transferred.

According to Virgin’x Paul Jones, Virgin’s Chief Customer & Digital Officer:

Australians find comfort in the ability to track food deliveries, postal deliveries, technology, even their heart rate, all via apps, and it made sense for travellers to be able to do the same thing when flying Virgin Australia.

By further enhancing our Australian-first baggage tracking technology to include all international services and additional notifications, we are giving guests the peace of mind to know where their baggage is at every step of the journey,

For more information on Virgin Australia’s baggage tracking tool, visit here.




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