Woolworths Rewards becomes Everyday Rewards


It looks like a case of back to the future. Woolworths is renaming its rewards program, and going back to Everyday Rewards.

Everyday Rewards was the original Woolworths loyalty program. Following a significant revamp it was renamed Woolworths Rewards. Originally it lost the ability to earn Qantas Points, but these were later added back to the program.

Now, it is going back to Everyday Rewards.

The change to Everyday Rewards will also see the expansion of the program into Tasmania. This will see the current Frequent Shoppers Club discontinued, with members needing to sign up for the new program.

While the name is changing, the changes to the actual program seem more modest. At least if you’re not in Tasmania. In fact, the core of the program looks to be remaining much the same.

Everyday Rewards

The most obvious change is a new logo and other marketing materials.

Marketing materials aside, the basic earn rate in the program remains the same. You will earn 1 Point per $1 you spend at Woolworths, BWS, BIG W, and participating Caltex and Caltex Woolworths/EG.

On top of the basic earn, Everyday Rewards will also have what they call boosters. These appear to be pretty much the same as the current promotions. Woolworths states that they will have offers of up to 10x points. They have run these in the past, so I would expect that the offers will pretty much continue on as they have been.

On the using points side of the ledger, the options are pretty much staying the same. For every 2,000 points, you earn you can get $10 off a shop. Or you can convert those 2,000 points to 1,000 Qantas Points.


It’s an interesting refresh – although I guess with the expansion into Tasmania, Woolworths though an update was in order. In many respects, the program hasn’t really changed much.

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