World of Hyatt introducing Milestone Rewards from March 2019


Hyatt introduced us to the World of Hyatt program back in 2017. Since then, they have been tinkering around with the program with some good changes, and some not so good changes. In the latest round of changes, Hyatt are introducing Milestone Rewards.

With Milestone Rewards, members will be offered an additional bonus after each 10 nights (starting from night 20). The benefits on offer include bonus points, club lounge access, free nights or suite upgrades.

Milestone Rewards

Milestone Rewards will be issued starting at night 20, then every 10 nights up to night 100. Alternatively, some Rewards will be issued upon achieving certain numbers of base points during the year.

Hyatt have published a table showing the new Milestone Rewards. In the table below, I have added the hurdles for the various elite status levels in the program, to highlight how these fit into the program.

Milestone Reward
10 nights Discoverist
20 nights or 35k Base Points NEW: 2 Club Lounge awards
30 nights or 50k Base Points Explorist
30 nights or 50k Base Points UPDATED: Free night (Category 1-4) + 2 Club Lounge awards
40 nights or 65k Base Points NEW: Bonus Points or Hyatt Gift Card or a FIND experience savings when redeeming points
50 nights or 80k Base Points NEW: 2 suite upgrades
60 nights or 100k Base Points Globalist
60 nights or 100k Base Points UPDATED: Free night (Category 1-7) + 2 suite upgrades + My Hyatt Concierge agent
70 nights Bonus Points or a suite upgrade
80 nights Bonus Points or a suite upgrade
90 nights Bonus Points or a suite upgrade
100 nights Bonus Points or a suite upgrade

There is nothing really being taken away – most of the changes are to add extra awards, although there have been some adjustments to when you get the Rewards.

For example, a Discoverist can now earn 2 Lounge Passes on their way to the Explorist level. There are a further 2 Lounge passes when getting to 30 nights. In the past, you got all four passes when you attained Explorist at night 30.

In spreading out the Rewards in the way they have, Hyatt have made the program more compelling for those in the mid tiers.

Further details on Milestone Rewards may be found on the Hyatt website.

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