Garuda offers Status Match to Qantas Frequent Flyers


Garuda is offering a status match to its GarudaMiles program for Qantas frequent flyers with at least Gold status. So, if you’re Gold, Platinum, or Platinum One looking for elite membership in SkyTeam, this could be of interest.

The basics of the status match see Garuda offering successful applicants 3 months of premium status to begin with. Then, if you take one flight between Australia and Indonesia within those three months, you’ll get a 9-month extension. This will see you with elite Skyteam status into the beginning of 2025.

How to Apply

Garuda has published a page on their website detailing how Qantas Frequent Flyers can make an “Expression of Interest” in getting a status match. In essence, you will need to email some documentation to be reviewed by their team. The documents you require will depend on whether you are currently a Garuda Miles member or not:

Member of GarudaMiles
New Member Existing Member
Qantas Frequent Flyer Card
Flying Mileage Transaction Record 
Joining Form/Online Registration X
GarudaMiles Card X


Once you’ve collected the required information, you can email it to

What is the Match?

The following table shows which tiers Garduda will offer as a status match

Airline / Frequent Flyer Program
Matching Level
Tier Level GarudaMiles Tier Level
Qantas Gold Gold VIP
Qantas Platinum Platinum VIP



Once you have received the status match, you will receive all of the perks that go with GarudaMiles. These are fairly standard types of benefits, but useful for many. In the case of GarudaMiles Gold and Platinum, levels offer perks including additional checked luggage allowance, priority check-in, and boarding. Platinum members also get lounge access thrown in.

As Garuda is a SkyTeam member, you will receive benefits when you fly on any of the SkyTeam members. There are 18 members in the Sky Team Alliance including airlines such as Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air, and Vietnam Airlines.

Across SkyTeam, GarudaMiles Gold members are recognised as SkyTeam Elite, while platinum members are recognised as SkyTeam Elite Plus.

Final Words

Status matches such as these are helpful to give your status in another alliance a boost. This is useful if you are looking to fly on a matching airline, in this case, Garuda. It can also help if you need status in one of the other airlines in the alliance.

If you have any upcoming plans to fly on Garuda, or to a lesser extent, other SkyTeam airlines it may be worth a look.


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