Hilton Honors introduces Diamond Extension benefit


Are you a Hilton Diamond member looking down the barrel of losing your status at the end of March. If so,  help may be at hand. Hilton Honors has just rolled out it latest benefit – Honors Diamond Extension. The new benefit allows eligible Diamond members a one time ability to request a one year extension to their Diamond status.

Announced last month, it is one of a number of new benefits being made available to members. Another of the benefits, the Points and Money option has already been rolled out.

Honors Diamond Extension

The Diamond Extension gives Diamond members, falling short of maintaining their status, the ability to extend their status for a further year. No reason needs to be given for the request, however, the qualification criteria are fairly high.

In order to qualify for a Diamond Extension, members need to have met the following criteria:

  • Have been a Diamond member for at least 3 years since joining Hilton Honors. These three years do not need to have been consecutive years
  • Have earned 500,000 base points OR have stayed 250 eligible nights in Hilton Honors hotels since joining

Unfortunately, the lifetime base points earn and lifetime stays are numbers not easily found. I was unable to find either of the numbers on the website. As such, it appears that you need to contact Hilton Honors in order to find this information.

Requesting an Extension

Hilton Honors is now accepting requests for coming year. If you see yourself falling from Diamond at the end of March, and meet the criteria for an extension, you can submit a request online to extend your status through to the end of March, 2018.

One thing that is worth noting if you are aiming for Lifetime Diamond. While Lifetime Diamond requires 10 years of Diamond membership, the year available through this extension will not count toward those 10 years.

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