Join Accor Plus Explorer with a 25% discount


Accor Plus is a paid subscription program offering a range of perks in Accor hotels across Asia Pacific. Right now, Accor Plus memberships are available at a discount of 25% off the normal prices. For an Explorer membership, that brings the price down to $298 (instead of $399).

The discount is available for new memberships taken out by 27 October 2023. You can sign up for Accor Plus here.

Accor Plus features

Accor Plus offers members a range of discounts and perks at hotels across Asia-Pacific. These include:

  • A free night stay at most hotels within Asia-Pacific (for Explorer or Discovery memberships).
  • An ongoing discount of 10% on room rates.
  • Promotions such as ‘Red Hot Rooms’ offering up to 50% off hotel stays.
  • Up to 50% off restaurant dining in hotels.
  • Silver status and a bonus of 20 Status Nights to put you on the fast track to Gold or Platinum status.

Membership options

The Accor Plus program is available in three different options. The version of the program that most people sign up for is the Accor Plus Explorer option. This option gives the benefits outlined above. At present, you can sign up for Accor Plus Explorer for $298.

However, there are two other options. Firstly, there is the Accor Plus Traveller membership level. At this level, you can take advantage of most of the benefits with the exception of the free night. This membership is available for $224.

There is also a Discovery membership, which has all the benefits of the Explorer option, and adds options for cruise, tour, and wine offers. This is on offer for $373.


I have been a member of Accor Plus for many years. Over those years, I have saved many thousands of dollars on my stays, and while dining at Accor Hotels.

Given the number of Accor hotels across Australia (and Asia Pacific), there are many opportunities to take advantage of the benefits it provides.

If you can take advantage of the benefits, you can easily offset the membership price, especially with the current 25% discount.



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