KrisFlyer extends status by 12 months


KrisFlyer has joined the ranks of programs offering status extensions as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. For KrisFlyer, and PPS club this will offer a 12-month extension of elite levels.

KrisFlyer extension details

KrisFlye will extend all KrisFlyer Elite (and PPS Club) memberships by 12 months. The extensions apply to any status expiring between  March 2020 and February 2021. Depending on your membership year, you could have your status renewed through to February 2022.

For example, if your Gold Status expires in April 2020, you will have your Gold Status extended to April 2021. You do not have to meet the normal requalification requirements for this.

As with the extension offers of other programs, there isn’t anything on the table for those that requalify through their own activity. For example, if you have already renewed Gold, there is nothing in the extension offer for you. That’s just an unfortunate reality for some.

Elite Gold Rewards

In addition to the extension, Krisflyer will also extend the validity of expiring PPS and Elite Gold Rewards. The following Elite Gold rewards will be extended

  • Double KrisFlyer Miles Reward
  • Short-haul Advance Upgrade
  • Premium Economy Advance Upgrade

KrisFlyer will be making the extensions progressively to accounts. As a result, you may not see the extension reflected in your account until closer to the expiration date of your current tier.


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