Marriott offers 1,500 Rewards Points when Connecting to Social Media


Marriott Rewards is offering members up to 1,500 Marriott Rewards points by connecting to your social media accounts. Under the promotion, members connecting their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles stand to gain 500 points for each connection. In addition, members may gain an extra 50 points when following Marriott on Twitter or Instagram.

Connecting Your Accounts

Connecting your Marriott Accounts to your social media accounts is relatively straightforward. Note, however, that the connection is made through Chifpify. When connecting to a social media account, Chirpify will seek permissions to access your account. It is worth reading what you are allowing Chirpify to do when you connect your accounts. Assuming you are happy with all that, there seems little reason not to connect accounts for the points. You could always remove the connections later on.

You can connect through the promotion page, by selecting which social media account you wish to connect to. Following this, you will then be prompted for details such as your name and Marriott Rewards number.

Social Media Connections

Social Media Connections

You can then select to connect to the other accounts. In the case of Twitter and Instagram, I was made an offer of additional points to follow he Marriott Rewards accounts..

Marriott Accounts Connected

Marriott Accounts Connected

Points Posting

The points themselves posted pretty much instantly for me. Keep in mind, though, that points from this promotion will not count as Activity for the purposes of keeping your account active. So, don’t count on these points to keep your account active.

Marriott Points Posting

Marriott Points Posting

Starwood Points

It is worth noting that you can convert Marriott Rewards points to Starwood Points. This is due to the recent linkage between the two programs that was put into place.In many respects SPG points are more useful in Australia – at this point in time, there are more hotels aligned with SPG than with Marriott.

It does require your two accounts to be connected. If that is so, then at a ratio of 3:1, the 1,500 points will convert to 500 SPG points.

Summing Up

If you’re happy connecting your social media account then this is an easy way to earn 1,500 bonus Marriott Rewards points.



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