Get Discounts and Points with Marriott Restaurants and Bars benefits


Marriott Bonvoy offers members a range of restaurants and bars benefits in the Asia Pacific region. This used to go under the title of Members Dine More, although it is now just referred to as a restaurants and bars program. Even though the name had changed, it delivers the same basic benefits.

The program offers dining discounts and points to members dining at participating hotels. What’s more, the benefits apply whether you are staying in-house or not.

Marriott Bonvoy Restaurants and Dining

Marriott Bonvoy Restaurants and Dining

Discount Offers

The first part of the program offers members discounts at a range of restaurants and bars in hotels across Asia Pacific. The discounts on offer are

  • Member and Silver Elite: 10%
  • Gold Elite: 15%
  • Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite and Ambassador Elite: 20%

There are a couple of exceptions – the discount does not apply to breakfasts. There are also some seasonal restrictions, and when dining at a table with more the 10 pax. You do need to make sure that the discount is applied when settling the bill – even if you are charging to the room.

Earning at restaurants and bars

Under the program, you can are able earn 10 points per US dollar spent at restaurants and bars. The best part – you are eligible for these points whether you are staying in the hotel or not. So, if you feel like just popping in for a meal – you can still get the points.

Be aware though, if you are not staying in the hotel, there is no elite bonus on the points earning. You will just receive the 10 points per US dollar. To receive the elite bonus, you need to charge the bill to your room.

You can view the participating properties on the website that Marriott has set up for the restaurants and bars benefits program.


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