Singapore Airlines and Shangri-La launch Infinite Journeys


Singapore Airlines and Shangri-La have introduced a new partnership going by the name of Infinite Journeys. Under the partnership, there will be new opportunities available to members of their respective loyalty programs. The opportunities include accelerated status paths, conversions of points between programs as well as double dipping.

Accelerated Status Recognition

Rather than a straight status match between the two programs, there is an offer for elites of one program to have an accelerated path to status in the other. The offer is slightly different depending on which program you hold an elite membership level in.

Golden Circle (Jade or Diamond) to KrisFlyer

If you are a Golden Circle member with Jade or Diamond status, you are eligible for a fast track to KrisFlyer Elite Gold. Members will initially be offered Silver membership in KrisFlyer, with an accelerated offer to receive Gold status. To upgrade from Silver to Gold, within 4 months of registering, you will need to

  • Take 1 eligible flight on Singapore Airlines if you hold Diamond Status
  • Take 3 eligible flights on Singapore Airlines if you hold Jade Status

KrisFlyer (Gold) to Golden Circle

Holders of KrisFlyer Gold elite status will be offered the opportunity to obtain Golden Circle Jade status. In order to be promoted to Jade status, members will need to make one eligible stay at a Golden Circle property. The hotels in Golden Circle include Shangri-La, Traders and Hotel-Jen.

Points Conversion

Members of the two programs will be able to transfer points between the two programs. The conversion rates on offer, though, make the value of this a little questionable.

Golden Circle to KrisFlyer

In converting points from Golden Circle to KrisFlyer, the conversion rate is 1.25 KrisFlyer miles for each Golden Circle point. A minimum of 2,500 points is required for the conversion.

KrisFlyer to Golden Circle

In comparison, the reverse conversion seems a little out of kilter. Twelve KrisFlyer miles will convert to 1 Golden Circle point. That’s right 12:1. This is quite a mismatch from the other direction.

It is hard to see many people ever taking advantage of this transfer rate. I’d certainly recommend steering will clear of this option.

Double Dip on Stays

When staying at a participating property, you will offered 500 KrisFlyer Miles per qualifying stay. This is in addition to the 1 Golden Circle point per US Dollar spent on accommodation.

For further information, including the full Terms and Conditions of the offers, refer to the Infinite Journeys website.



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