Velocity has launched a new bonus Status Credit offer


Velocity has launched a new status credit offer that could put you on the fast track to a higher status. In a break from previous offers, the number of status credits you could receive is based on the number of flights you take.

It is not clear whether this is a targeted promotion or not. Velocity has been sending emails, and it appears in the Velocity App. However, there is no direct link for members on the Velocity site.

Offer Details

  • Offer: Earn bonus status credits
    • Fly 2 flights = 45 bonus status credits
    • Fly 3 flights = 65 bonus status credits
    • Fly 4 flights = 85 bonus status credits
    • Fly 5 flights = 105 bonus status credits
    • Fly 6+ flights = 125 bonus status credits
  • Travel Dates: Travel between 29 January and 28 March 2024
  • Registration: Registration is required during the promotion period. You must activate it in the Velocity App, or by using the link in the email from Velocity. If you are keen, you could try this link, but it may not work if the offer is targeted.

Based on the structure of this promotion, you can earn a maximum of 125 bonus Status Credits. You will need to take at least six flights to get this. Unfortunately, that’s it – any additional flights won’t give you any more.

The following flights won’t be eligible for this offer:

  • Reward seat bookings
  • Codeshare flights on partner airlines

Any bonus status credits will be added to your account up to 4 weeks after the promotion period. As a result, that would be toward the end of April. While you do need to book and register in the promotion period, the order does not matter. You can register any time during the promotional period for it to work.

Final Words

It’s a bit of a different structure compared to the usual type of promotion (such as double status credits). For some people, this way is better, as it gives a better bonus on cheaper, shorter flights. It’s not so good for those on the longer, more expensive flights.

If you are aiming for status in the Velocity program, this offer may help.

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