Velocity to reinstate Krisflyer transfers


The ability to transfer points between Velocity and Krisflyer used to be a popular option for many members. Unfortunately, the two airlines suspended the option back in 2020 as Virgin Australia was heading towards administration.

While Velocity has been promising a return of the feature until recently it has been in the ‘coming soon’ bucket. The good news is that Velocity has now published the date for transfers to resume.

As advised on their website. Velocity members will be able to transfer points to Krisflyer from 19 July. The reverse is also true – you will be able to transfer points from Krisflyer to Velocity.

Aside from the date, there has not been any indication that any of the rules around the transfers will change. As a result, it appears the transfer rate will remain at 1.55 Velocity Points to 1 Krisflyer Mile (or 1.55 Krisflyer Mile to 1 Velocity Points, if transferring the other way). In addition, the previous requirement to transfer a minimum of 5,000 points looks to be in place.

Why transfer Points?

While you can transfer points between the two programs, there is the question of why you would do this. You can use Velocity Points to book Reward Seats on Singapore Airlines. Conversely, you can use Krisflyer Miles to book Rewards seats on Virgin Australia flights.

While you lose out in the transfer, there are two big advantages in transferring Velocity Points to KrisFlyer Miles. The first of these is that Singapore Airlines makes more seats available to its own members than it does to partners such as Velocity. In addition, once the points are in KrisFlyer, you have access to a range of reward options across Star Alliance.


The ability to transfer points between Velocity and KrisFlyer was a popular feature among many Velocity members. It is good to see this finally return to the two programs.

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