Earn 9 Qantas Points per dollar at Qantas Hotels


Qantas Hotels is offering triple points on its range of hotels worldwide for the next 5 days As a result, you could pocket 9 Qantas Points per dollar on hotel bookings.

The offer is available for 5 days, between 19 February and 23 February. There are no stay dates specified, so it is likely the double points will apply to any date that you are able to book.

While most rates are eligible, there is one exception – Classic Hotel Rewards. As these do not normally earn points, there are no points offered under this deal. In addition, this offer is only for hotel bookings. As a result, there is no bonus on Airbnb bookings.

Qantas Hotels

Qantas Hotels is an accommodation booking service run through Qantas.  It brings together over 200,000 hotels worldwide. One of its unique selling points is that it offers Qantas Points when using its service to book hotels.

While it also offers the opportunity to use points to make hotel bookings, this may not be the best use of points. As a result, we focus on the ability to earn points.

How many Qantas Points can I earn?

The standard earn rate at Qantas Hotels is 3 Qantas Points per $1 AUD you spend on your booking. However, they run promotions offering bonus points when meeting the requirements of the promotion.

When will I receive my Qantas Points?

Unfortunately, it does take time to receive your points through these bookings. First of all, you have to actually complete your stay. Then you need to wait up to 8 weeks for the points to post.

So, if you are looking for a quick boost to your points balance, this is not the place to be looking.

Is it a good deal?

In most cases, I book through the hotel chain of where I am staying – as this allows me to use the loyalty program of that chain. However, it is not always possible to do this – and this is where Qantas Hotels or other sellers, such as Hotels.com can provide options.

In the Hotels.com reward program, you earn 1 hotel night after each 10 that you stay. So effectively a 10% rebate on your hotel bookings. come in.

This generally works out better than the standard 3 Qantas Points per dollar that is on offer. However, with 9 points per dollar on offer, it may sway you toward using Qantas Hotels for your booking.

Of course, the above assumes that prices are the same at Qantas Hotels as they are at other online booking sites. My experience is that there can sometimes be differences in price. Sometimes it can be cheaper to book through Qantas Hotels, and sometimes more expensive. As always, it pays to compare prices from various online sites.

Final Words

Since Qantas Hotels moved to a standard rate of 3 points per dollar on all hotels, double points offers have popped up from time to time. Triple points have been on offer a few times, but less frequently than double points.

If you are looking for a hotel at the moment, this could be quite a good offer.

To make a booking, check through to the Qantas Hotels website.


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