Luxury Escapes partners with Velocity Frequent Flyer


Velocity Frequent Flyer has signed up for a multi-year exclusive partnership with Luxury Escapes.  The latest partnership is set to kick off mid-year, bringing new earning and redemption opportunities to Velocity members.

At present, Luxury Escapes partners with the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. However, as the new deal is described as ‘exclusive’, the partnership with Qantas will end around the same time.

Luxury Escapes Partnership

As noted, under the newly announced agreement, Velocity members will be able to both earn and redeem points.

On the earning side, members will be able to earn across a range of Luxury Escapes products. These products include thousands of luxury holiday packages, hotels, cruises, tours, and experiences.

On the flip side, members will be able to offset the cost of booking their next Luxury Escapes holiday. They will be able to redeem points in order to partially, or fully, pay for their booking.

At this point, Velocity has not published details of the earning and redemption rates. However, we might be able to look at the current Qantas rates for a guide. At present, Qantas Frequent Flyers earn 1 point per dollar when booking through Luxury Escapes. On the other hand, when using points, it appears that they redeem at about 0.7 cents per point.

There’s no real guarantee that Velocity rates will be the same, but I suspect they will be something similar.


This looks to be a good deal for Velocity members and fills a hole in the Velocity offering.

With Qantas having a range of other options, it may make some sense for Luxury Escapes to move to Velocity. For example, Qantas members will still have choices such as Trip-A-Deal, or Qantas Luxury Tours.


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