Singapore Airlines extends KrisFlyer Elite Status for a further year


Singapore Airlines has decided to extend its elite members’ status levels for a second year. Under the second extension, members with an membership year ending between March 2021 to February 2022 will have their status extended a further year. For some members, this will see their elite status extended through until 2023.

2022-2023 Status Extension

In announcing this additional year, KrisFlyer will also scrap their previous status support plan. Under that offer, members would have received a 50% boost to their re qualification. Effectively, they would have retained their status with only half the normal flying.

As a result of the change of plan, members will not need to fly at all. They will automatically have their status extended a second year.

Elite Mile Rollover

In addition to the one-year extension, KrisFlyer will rollover any elite miles you manage to earn during the year into the next year.

It is done in a slightly convoluted way though. Basically, when your membership year ticks over, you will get the one year extension, but your Elite Miles counter will initially reset to zero. Up to two months later, Krisflyer will then credit your account with any Elite Miles that you did manage to earn in the previous year.

For PPS members, it is slightly different again. Basically any PPS Reserve value earned in the 2021/2022 year will be extended. Similar result in the end, just a different way of administering the process.

Earn Miles on Scoot

Finally, KrisFlyer members will be able to earn Elite Miles when flying Scoot. This came into effect from 1 January, and the Elite Miles count for KrisFlyer elite status and Milestone Rewards





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